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We offer children and young adults a loving home, education, healthcare, and skills.

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At Kampala Children’s Centre, we’re a children’s home and education centre. We offer hope and a future. Our mission is to assist Uganda’s vulnerable, underprivileged children and young adults with a loving home, social support, education, health care and skills. Thank you for your support and for being part of our journey to create a lasting positive change

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With your generous donation, you can help push the impact to reach more live across the globe.

Sponsor a Child

You can help bring this impact to reality with your sponsorship focussed toward a child you.


You can also be apart of the impact team on the ground in our different locations across different countries

Destiny Africa

Destiny Africa is the Children and Youth Choir of Kampala Children’s Centre, Uganda.

Through our music and worship we speak for children without a voice and create awareness of the work of Kampala Children’s Centre.

Destiny Africa Children’s Choir promotes the beauty, dignity and unlimited ability of the African child around the world, being a voice for the millions of suffering children who cannot speak for themselves.

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