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Situated on the outskirts of Kampala, the capital of Uganda, our center is a home to many. Since opening our doors in 2005 and adopting our first child, we haven’t looked back. Over the years we have grown from a few homes, to a centre with educational institutes and medical clinics. From supporting the community to adopting a child, our greatest reward has been to carry life in our arms and see it flourish.

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As a charity we offer a loving home, education and medical attention to all children in our care. We extend our services to those in the surrounding community and provide educational access to those in need.

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Whether its to letting you know the mischief of our cheeky toddlers,  or the impact we are making locally, we love to stay in touch. To hear the latest on our vision, sign up to our monthly newsletter and join our cause.

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Destiny Africa is the Children and Youth Choir of Kampala Children’s Centre, Uganda.