We look for the


in every child and endeavor to give them the best.

Kindergarten – Primary – Secondary – University – Scholarships

We believe that one of the solutions to Africa’s problems is Early Childhood Learning, Quality Education and Globally Transferable Skills. At KCC we are not into mass production, we look for the best in every child and endeavor to give them best (‘giving the best to the least’)
We have a kindergarten and primary school www.destinybridge.com
Where the emphasis is on early childhood learning. We endeavor to nature every dream and aspiration. Destiny Bridge Academy is ranked as one of the best primary schools in Uganda and best in the area.

When our children outgrow primary school, we partner with different secondary schools outside to ensure that our students are prepared for college.

STEM Centre for Innovation Excellence and (SCIE)

Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

  • An approach to learning through which students develop key skills including: problem-solving. creativity
  • Our Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths
    Centre gives our pupils an early start in science subjects. We holistically apply STEM teaching methods in all our programs.
  • We equip our students with the STEM knowledge to solve day to day and global problems like climate change, inclusion, diversity and technological advancements.
  • Providing College/University Scholarships to children who have grown up at KCC and in our communities to ensure they develop advanced skills