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Destiny Africa is comprised of the children’s choir, youth band and worship team. Through our music and worship we speak for children without a voice and create awareness of the work of Kampala Children’s Centre.
Destiny Africa Children’s Choir promotes the beauty, dignity and unlimited ability of the African child around the world, being a voice for the millions of suffering children who cannot speak for themselves. Proceeds  from tours provide for the children’s care, medical, recreation, education, career guidance, administration and staff wages.

KCC was a project established in 2005 and built as a response to the wide-ranging crisis prevalent throughout Uganda. Today, many communities live below the poverty line facing unaffordable educational programs, ill equipped health care services and economic pressure. Jobs are few and far between and families simply cannot provide standard medical care or schooling to their children. Guerrilla warfare has left towns and villages in ruins and whole people groups have been displaced throughout the country. Meanwhile, countless lives have been lost to HIV/AIDS and as a result, many children have been left orphaned. Left to fend for themselves, these children have no other option but to live on the streets or in slum areas. With no source of income, relatives or food they become susceptible to abuse, malnutrition and even child labour. It is to these children we provide our help and offer our dedicated services.

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Amongst such great tragedy, K.C.C stands as a message of hope. Located just outside of Kampala, K.C.C is a space for children to receive support and find restoration. With our centre entering its 14th year, our site holds twelve family homes, medical facilities, educational institutions and recreational sites. Within each home we house 12 children and provide the care of a devoted house mother and assistant. Education is extended at kindergarten, primary and secondary level and programs are further made available to surrounding communities. For those with learning needs or educational gaps, we offer one to one support through our specialised teaching staff. As a charity we believe in supporting all aspects of a child’s wellbeing, so we deliver physical, emotional and psychological support through onsite social workers and our dedicated medical centre.

As an organisation, our story is one of transformation. Since opening our gates, we have witnessed profound restoration within the children we care for. Those who come to us find healing, the children we know are no longer broken but full of life and joy. It has been our greatest call to care for such children, but it has been our greatest reward to see them grow and thrive. Our aim at Kampala Children’s Centre is to provide a new hope and a new life for some of the most vulnerable children living throughout Uganda today. Our dream is for each child in our care to fully know their value and despite all odds, go on to fill society as empowered, self-sustaining adults.