This Mother’s Day, Kampala Children’s Centre (KCC) buzzed with a special kind of energy. We wanted to show the amazing Mothers who care for the children how much we appreciate them. So, we gave them a special break from cooking. Instead, the children became the chefs for the day! They had lots of fun preparing a delicious meal together. At the end, we all shared a communal meal! All the homes and staff at KCC ate together, making it a friendly and fun time for everyone.


The best part of the day was celebrating the mothers!  Each home wrote a letter thanking their mother for all the love and care. It was so sweet to see the children give their mothers hugs.

Of Course, no celebration is complete without cake! We ended the day on a fun and sweet note, sharing laughter and joy as the children entertained while the mothers cut and shared cake with us.

This Mother’s Day was a beautiful reminder of the power of family, appreciation, and the joy of working together. It was a day filled with love, laughter, and the creation of lasting memories here at KCC.

To all the mothers out there, We hope you know how appreciated and respected you are!