Today, we’re making education more accessible than ever before. Right now, we’re developing a brand new educational facility that is set to make a real impact throughout Kampala. Construction for our groundbreaking STEAM Centre is well underway, and it will soon deliver a distinguished curriculum to our community. It promises to give local children an affordable education, a tailored syllabus, and an excellent learning environment. Thanks to your support this project is making real progress and will soon help many children build an exciting future.

Since establishing Kampala Children’s Center, we have dreamt of an educational facility that would create radical change in Kampala. Through the help of our dedicated friends and supporters, this dream is taking shape and becoming an exciting reality.

We are making a Difference

Today, many children in Uganda struggle to receive a full education. Families often cannot afford tuition fees and children are left vulnerable and underequipped. For the few who can attend school, their learning environment can be unhygienic, overcrowded, and under-resourced. At Kampala Children’s Centre, we believe every child has unlimited potential and holds 

the right to a quality education. Thanks to your support, we’re helping local children get empowered and receive just that Right now, we’re establishing an educational facility that will provide a curriculum that is both accessible and affordable. It will provide quality tuition and offer excellent learning resources for our community

STEAM Centre : Striding Towards Excellence

Construction for the STEAM Centre has made great progress and we’re thrilled to see the project take shape. Over recent weeks the building has had several windows fitted and has even been externally decorated too.

Once complete, the STEAM Centre will house a dedicated e-library, IT suite, science laboratory, music room and business centre. The facility will be available to KCC children and those in our community
We’re excited to see the STEAM Centre coming into the final stages of construction. We know once it opens its doors, it will bring great transformation to Kampala. The STEAM Centre will not only help to make education accessible, but it will empower children to reach their full potential