Destiny Africa is on tour at this very moment!!!







We are excited to be touring United Kingdom, Belgium and Germany. Come to see us, we’d love to see you!

Contact us now if you’d like to host the choir at your church, school or organization. Please check our schedule to watch the choir perform in front of you, LIVE! 

On tour now

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Destiny Africa perform at Hinchingbrooke Academy

Destiny Africa performed at the Performing Arts Centre at Hinchingbrooke Academy. We loved having the opportunity to perform in such a professional venue. Thank you Katie and team for organizing everything!


Destiny Africa in Ipswich

Destiny Africa spent three days at Holbrook Academy and Oaks Primary School in Ipswich. We performed two concerts and workshops with the students. We also enjoyed a good game of football and spent some time on our own studies. Thank you to Frank and all the team who looked after us so well and made […]


Destiny Africa in Liverpool

Last week Destiny Africa travelled to Liverpool! We were welcomed at the Hope Centre by friends old and new and so began a week of concerts in schools and churches around Liverpool. Our concerts were sold out and on Saturday we had our first experience of a Ceilidh. It was so much fun! During the […]


Destiny Africa Choir

  • @DestinyChoir 27 May
    Destiny Africa goes classical in Germany
  • @DestinyChoir 25 May
    Definitely we were unexpected in Luxembourg...
  • @DestinyChoir 24 May
    Concluding the Belgium tour like real ambassadors at the Ugandan Embassy in Brussels. Cheers to our hosts and...
  • @DestinyChoir 20 May
    Destiny Africa in Brussels. Having a wonderful time!
  • @DestinyChoir 15 May
    Belgium catching the Destiny Africa moves!