Today your kindness is unstoppable and it’s creating a domino effect of transformation and change. Through your partnership, thousands are receiving lifesaving care and a fresh start to life. This Easter, we’re taking a moment to celebrate your impact and show you just how much your support is making a difference. We’re saying hello to Christine, and we’re hearing how your compassion is radically changing her life for the better.

Christine’s Story of Transformation

Right now, hero’s like you from across the world are making a vital impact. Your kindness is powerful, and it’s transforming lives all throughout our community. Thanks to your commitment, children are receiving the support they need and people like Christine are becoming whole and equipped.

Today, Christine is achieving outstanding grades in her education and she’s finding remarkable success. But when we first met her, her life was far from what it is now. When Christine was a child, everyday was full of hardship and uncertainty. Fundamental necessities were hard to come by and there was no hope of getting an education. But despite such unjust circumstances, Christine’s story was far from over.

Thanks to your support, Christine received help and today her life’s completely transformed. Now, Christine is studying at university and will soon graduate as a qualified teacher. She’s gaining experience at our primary school Destiny Bridge Academy, and is working as an assistant. It’s safe to say Christine’s life has completely changed from the first day we met her. So we sat down with her to find out more

How has your life changed?

I’m so happy with my life today. I feel really positive about my future. Now, I have a purpose in my life, I have good relationships and a great education

What are you doing today?

I’m soon to graduate from university as a teacher. Recently I’ve been working as an assistant at Destiny Bridge Academy and I’m gaining lots of work experience

Any plans for the future?

Once I graduate I hope to work as a qualified teacher. I’m excited to become a working professional and begin investing my skills in the community.

Today, Christine’s life’s completely transformed and it’s all thanks to world changers like you. Now, Christine’s living with purpose and is receiving an exceptional education. She’s positive about her future and is confident good opportunities will come her way. But this is just the beginning of Christine’s story.
We know that once she graduates, she’ll begin passing on her skills and knowledge to the next generation too

Christine is just one of the many people you’re helping today. Your support isn’t just changing her life, it’s transcending into future generations too. Through your compassion, we’re helping thousands of children get empowered and equipped. This Easter, you can help a child like Christine get an education and find a new start to life. Your monthly donation of any amount will offer school access, medical care and loving support. To start your own domino effect, join our mission and become a sponsor today.