On tour now!

Destiny Africa are back and they are better than ever with a new show ‘Inspire Africa’. Find out where you can see them and get involved.

On tour now

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USA Event News!

Inspired by the Destiny Africa Children’s Choir, the Campaign to Build Hope has been established to build a medical center…

Aston Villa

19th April, Special Appearance at Aston Villa’s home match!

Destiny Africa will be making a special appearance at Aston Villa’s home match against Southampton in front of 43,000 fans!

Sharman's Cross School

Destiny Africa vs Sharman’s Cross School

Sharman’s Cross School hosted a hotly contested football match.


Destiny Africa Choir

  • @DestinyChoir 24 April
    Fans in Kent, the choir are back in May. Start inviting your family and friends to the concerts in Wrotham and... http://t.co/U26V7V54Te
  • @DestinyChoir 24 April
    Welcome to all our new fans! We have now passed the 1,600 mark :D Make sure you invite your family and friends to like us too!
  • @DestinyChoir 23 April
    If you are one of our US fans, you won't want to miss out on this fabulous evening http://t.co/wL5lGlVPuz
  • @DestinyChoir 23 April
    I posted 26 photos on Facebook in the album "Destiny Africa Training Day" http://t.co/2bueMSBQEF
  • @DestinyChoir 21 April
    Destiny Africa have arrived safe and sound in Belgium. If you want to know when and where you can see them... http://t.co/ny4j0Rz5xP