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Destiny Africa will be touring the USA in 2015 with their new show ‘I Am Loved’. Find out where you can see them and get involved.

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USA Event News!

Inspired by the Destiny Africa Children’s Choir, the Campaign to Build Hope has been established to build a medical center…

Aston Villa

19th April, Special Appearance at Aston Villa’s home match!

Destiny Africa will be making a special appearance at Aston Villa’s home match against Southampton in front of 43,000 fans!

Sharman's Cross School

Destiny Africa vs Sharman’s Cross School

Sharman’s Cross School hosted a hotly contested football match.


Destiny Africa Choir

  • @DestinyChoir 24 October
    US fans, don't forget to RSVP to either our CT or RI Communities of Hope sponsor meet ups! Pastor Arnold will be...
  • @DestinyChoir 24 October
    Every child needs a teddy! A huge thank you to all the donors whose generosity created these smiles :D
  • @DestinyChoir 22 October
    This sign outside the Stride Academy at KCC sums up our approach to cherishing and supporting our young people to achieve their dreams :D
  • @DestinyChoir 21 October
    Enjoy this footage of Destiny Africa's performance on 8th October for East African Community dignitaries at the...
  • @DestinyChoir 21 October
    A big thank you to everyone who has helped to make the Kampala Children's Centre for Hope and Wellness a reality!...