Today, we’re honoring the women and mothers who work at the very heart of our mission. We’re taking a look at their impact, and celebrating the difference they make every day. Motherhood plays such a fundamental role in our ministry and is key to our children’s transformation. Through the hands of our mothers, countless lives have found restoration and healing. We’re blessed to know such extraordinary women and it’s our privilege to cherish them this Mother’s Day

The Beating heat of our mission

Today, many in Uganda experience an unimaginable reality. Large numbers of young children face devastating living conditions, with little to no support from their family. All to often we meet children who’ve been abandoned by their relatives, lost those that are closest to them, and have no safe place to call home. This senseless injustice is all too common in Uganda, and perpetuates the endless cycle of poverty. But through the dedication and tender love of our House Mothers, we’re putting an end to this narrative and rewriting the story for these children. Right now, our House Mothers are helping these lives find a fresh start to life. They’re giving vulnerable children a new childhood, one where they’re safe and loved. House Mothers are central to our ministry, and really help put our mission into action. They’re a healing balm for the past, and a wellspring of hope for the future.

Today we’re giving our mama’s the spotlight, but there’s one in particular we’d love for you to meet! Say hi to our beloved House Mother – Mama Sarah. Sarah cares for our youngest (and cutest) children at Kampala Children’s Centre. She lives onsite at Joshua House, and looks after our toddlers. We went for a visit to her home, and found out why she loves being a House Mother.
What first drew you to KCC?
“I first joined the ministry because I am so passionate about children, I feel it is my call to help children grow and recover from their past.”
When do you have the most fun?
“I love getting to know each of the children in Joshua House. We laugh and have lots of fun when we play outdoor games together as a family.”

“It’s my prayer that every child finds belonging, healing and hope”

– Mama Sarah

Have there been challenges?
“Many of the children have encountered a painful and traumatic past. For the toddlers, in particular it took them a while to interact with people outside of the family. Over time, they’ve changed their attitude and learnt that even outside members can be full of love and kindness.”

How have the children changed?
“When one baby joined us, they needed a lot of care. I used to go out and collect milk on a daily basis to support them. Over time, I’ve seen this child go through all the stages of development and growth. Despite such a difficult start, this child is now healthy and has even joined nursery this year.

Every morning, she waves at me as she walks off to school. In the evening, she tells me stories of what she has learnt in class before she goes to bed. I feel overjoyed to see her healthy, strong, and growing into a happy young girl. I am proud to be part of this team and to have brought about such transformation.”

Today, we’re celebrating the incredible women who make our work possible. Thanks to people like Mama Sarah, our children are receiving the vital love and care they need.  This Mother’s Day, you can support our mission and rescue a child that needs lifesaving care. You can give an abandoned child a safe place to call home, and the love a dedicated House Mother. Your support will not only empower women like Sarah, but it will give one child a fresh start to life. You can join our community of world-changing sponsors for a gift of any amount. Spread the love this Mother’s Day, and become a sponsor today.