Projects at Kampala Children’s Centre are almost entirely funded by donations to the Centre. Our various projects include expanding the Destiny Bridge Academy, a medical centre for the children of the centre, expanding the Communities of Hope program, as well as various other programs.

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We’re so excited about some of the projects that we’re currently working on:

i-thrive destiny
At KCC our desire is not just to give them a home and shelter but to equip our children and young people for a life of excellence and thriving. Through our I-thrive destiny program we do our best to support all our children through university and college. We ensure that when they leave the Centre and schools they are equipped to succeed. College and university costs vary from child to child and course to course. However, you can partner with us to partly or fully sponsor a young person to enable them get a life of thriving.

The middle school is an 18 classroom, three story block with six classrooms at each level.

Communities of Hope is the sponsorship program at KCC. Through CoH, children are able to go to school, get at least 2 meals a day and receive medical attention. To sponsor a child in Uganda visit our Sponsorship page.

The Destiny Medical Centre for Hope and Wellness will serve both children and staff at KCC and the surrounding community of Wakiso.

Sponsor a child through regular giving

Communities of Hope (CoH) is our program that enables Kampala Children’s Centre & Destiny Africa to support children in the local community who would not otherwise have the opportunity to go to school, be given nutritious meals or have healthcare.

Supporting a child costs £30 or $45 per month and each child normally has only one sponsor — although sometimes a group can sponsor a child, such as a school class.

Through your sponsorship, you will be giving the gift of an education and the chance to have a brighter future.