It’s official, our superstar students are back in school! After a prolonged season of lockdowns and closures, our school has now reopened its gates. Over the last year, Uganda endured some of the worlds most harshest lockdown measures. Schools were forced to shut, leaving many children without access to an education. But thanks to your support, we’ve been able to keep our students ahead of the game throughout the pandemic. In the last year, our children have received a remote learning program helping them to stay safe and on track with their education. Now they’re on course and back in the classroom, all thanks to you!

STEAM Centre : Striding Towards Excellence

This month, we’re exhilarated to announce our school is now expanding! Since establishing Kampala Children’s Centre, founder Arnold Muwonge has dreamt of a facility where local children can gain the skills they need for a better future. Today, this dream is becoming an exciting reality.

Now, construction is well underway for a brand new STEAM Center. This groundbreaking educational facility will provide a focused curriculum in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math’s. The tailored program is set to catapult students ahead, offering them in demand knowledge and skill.

The STEAM Centre promises to deliver a distinguished curriculum. The program will be available to children living at Kampala Children’s Centre, and those in our surrounding community. Students will study in a motivational environment and will receive an in-depth tuition for Math’s and the Sciences. The STEAM Centre will also offer children quality certification, enabling them to apply to college and university. We are thrilled to see this project coming to fruition, we know it will assist countless children and open many doors of opportunity.

Today, our students are on track with their education and receiving the skills they need to build a new life. But there are still so many more children that need our help. We would like to give you the opportunity to join our mission, and offer one child full access to a quality education. Your monthly gift of any amount will give one child free school access, along with school books and supplies. Your donation will give a child the knowledge and tools they need to build a wonderful future. If you are looking to make a difference, click the button below and become a sponsor today.