Kampala Children's Centre

The rebel war in Uganda left over 1.5 million displaced people. Meanwhile HIV and AIDS still claim the lives of thousands, leaving many children orphaned and struggling for survival. Desperate poverty traps many living in the city center slums. Children are suffering from malnutrition and are left vulnerable to child labor and violent physical and sexual abuse. These are the children we are reaching out to help and restore.

The first of the children moved into Kampala Children’s Centre in September 2005, and since then the project keeps growing! Children move in at various ages, with our youngest arriving when they were only days old. Lives are being healed and restored by the love and security that we are privileged to give them. Up to 12 children live in each family home, along with a house mother and her assistant. This new loving family environment is essential to the care and development of each child that we rescue. We are committed to providing each child with a loving home, education and training, a variety of recreational activities and access to necessary healthcare. Our heart is that each child will know their true value and reach their full potential.

Kampala Children’s Centre is committed to its local community in Wakiso Town (10 miles from the capital, Kampala). We have established Destiny bridge Academy, our on-site but independently run school, which is providing excellent education not only for our children, but also those from the surrounding villages. We are keen to develop the range of schooling provision and training that we offer, so that we can been an even greater resource to the community. Our excellent performing arts and sports programs are promoting healthy lifestyles, attitudes and creativity among the children. We also have our own farm which enables us to become more self-sustaining, as well as enabling the children to grow in key life skills such as agriculture and enterprise.