K.C.C was a project established in 2005 built as a response to the wide-ranging crisis prevalent throughout Uganda. Guerrilla warfare left towns and villages in ruins and whole people groups have been displaced throughout the country. Meanwhile, countless lives have been lost to HIV/AIDS and as a result, many children have been left orphaned. Left to fend for themselves, these children have no other option but to live on the streets or in slum areas. With no relatives or income they become susceptible to abuse, malnutrition and child labour. It’s these children who need our help.

Amongst such great tragedy, K.C.C stands as a message of hope. Located outside of Kampala, K.C.C is a space for children to find support and restoration. Our site holds twelve homes, medical facilities, educational institutions and recreational sites. Each home holds 12 children, and provides the care of a house mother and assistant. Education is extended at kindergarten, primary and secondary level, with programs made available to the community. We provide physical, emotional and psychological support through social workers and our medical centre.

Since opening our gates, we’ve witnessed profound restoration within the lives of our children. Today, these same lives are entering society as empowered, self-sustaining adults.

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