Communities of Hope

Communities of Hope (CoH) is our program that enables Kampala Children’s Centre & Destiny Africa to support children in the local community who would not otherwise have the opportunity to go to school, be given nutritious meals or have healthcare. Not all children in program are orphans however, their guardians do not have sufficient means to care for their day today needs.

Your sponsorship is used to support the costs of the child’s education, school meals and materials. KCC social workers make routine visits to each child at home to assess their situation and often have input into the wider family. Children that are part of CoH remain living in the community at home.

Supporting a child costs £30, €35 or $45 per month and each child normally has only one sponsor — although sometimes a group can sponsor a child, such as a school class. Money from a sponsor will never be given directly to the family or parents of the child, rather it will be distributed to the school to pay for the child’s tuition fees.

Through your sponsorship, you will be giving the gift of an education and the chance to have a brighter future.

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