Dear Supporter,

I am writing this message to you as one of our key supporters of KCC. Our thoughts and prayers go out to every one of you during these uncertain times. Thank you for continuing to support the children at Kampala Children’s Centre.

Due to Covid-19, Uganda is currently in complete lockdown. The main, detrimental consequence of this is a growing scarcity of food and medicines. Where these are available, their price has more than tripled. Our main priority at KCC is always the safety and well being of our children and staff. We have approximately 120 children that live at KCC and a large number of children who live in the community. These children are often our most vulnerable children: they may not receive a proper meal without the provision from KCC and they often come from a family where several family members (potentially also themselves) have underlying health problems that require specific medication. We are also responsible for a large team of staff: house mothers, teachers, supervisors, social workers, church ministers, administrators and nurses.

It is KCC’s job to provide for all these wonderful people – those that need the most help under the most challenging circumstances. We could not already provide what we do without our devoted partners’ generosity, however our other main sources of donations from churches, conferences, gatherings and events, are now not available due to the social restrictions that are rightly in place. Therefore, at a time when there is more need for funds to be sent to Uganda, we are finding ourselves in a situation where we have less to give.

My estimation is that at present, KCC will need to raise an additional £30,000 to cover our loss of income and to cover our increase in expenditure. This is a special appeal during these turbulent times to ask if you are able to help us reach this target. I appreciate that these are challenging times for everyone, affecting some more than others. Therefore, please may I request that,  if you are able to give a little extra something, then it would make all the difference. There is absolutely no obligation to give. However if you would like to make a donation please click on the following link:

Please select the amount you would like to donate and click on the tab “Covid-19 Special Appeal” from the drop down menu.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by replying to this email

Much love,

Arnold Muwonge