Irene’s Story Of Transformation

Born in the north of Uganda, I was raised in Gulu for the first years of my life. Although a home to my biological family, Gulu holds only memories of sadness and loss for me. Since a little girl I have known the effects and devastation of war, I was five years old when my home was invaded by the warlord Joseph Kony’s militia army. It wasn’t too shortly after that my father forced me to leave home, with nowhere else to go I began to live on the street and had to take care of my four younger siblings. Together we survived for three years, never really knowing where our next meal would come from.

It was at the age of 8 K.C.C staff found me and brought me to Kampala Children’s Centre, for the first time I felt that I had a place I could call home. Kampala Children’s Centre has given me so many things; a family, an education and medical care. But what has meant the most to me is having a family who love me and to have people in my life that I can trust. Since then, I have completed a two year college qualification in cosmetology and I also work and perform with the Destiny Africa Children’s Choir as a choreographer.  I am passionate about the fashion industry and have plans to be a professional choreographer and a model. Because of Kampala Children’s Centre, I truly feel alive again and have great hopes for the future.

Irene singing with the band